What is home organizing?

Home organization means "house organization", but it's more than that, it's aArt of livingIt's a new way of thinking about your daily life, your (over) consumption, and your life.

Home organization was born in Australia several years ago, and since then it has been growing worldwide.
The Japanese Marie Kondo, considered today as the popesse of organisation even wrote a book on the subject:
"The Magic of Storage", sold several thousand copies.

Doing Home Organizing at home is a decision that requires a lot of courage and is often very liberating.
Once this large storage is done, it feels calm, serene and soothed
. Our house becomes a cocoon, it feels good, and it remains the best bulwark against the stress of the outside world.

So why not turn your home into the perfect place to recharge your batteries? I intervene in Bordeaux (33) & surroundings but also in all France!

an apartment so well organized that everything is at your fingertips, accessible in less than two minutes.

rooms where everything you see is pleasant to look at and touch.

finally, a house where you feel good, soothed and where you take time for yourself, your children or your friends.

Sometimes not much to breathe again in his home

This little push has a name:
home organization!

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